понеделник, 26 септември 2016 г.

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вторник, 14 юни 2016 г.

Английски език Класическа сугестопедия

Езиков Център "Дива" стартира дневна група за начинаещи до средно напреднали с преподавател д-р Евелина Кръстева.
Можете да превърнете ученето на английски език в красива приказка, която ще ви преведе през учебния процес с лекота. Ще преживеете пълно единение с музиката, изобразителното изкуство, танца и всяка изразност, която търсите и обичате.
Курсът стартира на 20.06.2016 г., понеделник и завършва на 15.07.2016 г., петък. Записване и събеседване ще можете да направите от 13.06. до 17.06. в офиса на Дива Център.
Работният график е: 20.06. - 30.06. от 13.30-16.45 ч. и 1.07.-15.07. от 9.30 - 13.00 ч.
Очакваме ви!

понеделник, 4 април 2016 г.

A Song Lesson for Thursday Morning ... or Earlier

The Lesson is based on VAYA CON DIOS's song, "Tracelling light".

Listen to the song and follow the lyrics. Choose the correct option for numbers 1 to 5, and write them in a comment.
Note that the INCORRECT option might be incorrect, because of a spelling mistake OR because the sentence would be grammatically incorrect with it.

Come on handsome
Put a quarter in that thing again
It don't matter
If the song is the same
Pull me closer
You and I have nothing to explain
Storm (1) is threatening/threatens
Shelter a while from the rain.
'Cos tonight the wind (2) is blowing/blows
And the sea (3) is running/runing high
All you troubles little darling
Let them drift with the tide
There's a full moon above us
That (4) is shining/is sinning out so bright
Why worry about tomorrow?
You're young and you (5) are travelling/travel light

Come on sailor
Put in a quarter in that thing again
It don't matter
If it's always the same
Hold me closer
You and I may never meet again
Maybe somewhere
Down old memory lane...

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Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

четвъртък, 10 март 2016 г.

The Thursday Song Lesson

Anyone's Daughter

Guess the Rhymes

Here is the Introduction to the song. Listen and Guess the general mode of the song. Is it *psychological, **phylosophical or ***humorous?

The lyrics tell a story about a boy and his trials with three fathers: A Judge, A Rich Man and A Farmer...

Now your task will be to try to guess the rhymes.
The stancas are numbered, so that you can duly write your answers...
You have to think of rhymes for the words in CAPITAL letters (well, except for "CHORUS" obviously).
Write down your answers and then listen to the song to check if you were right.

1. I stood under your bedroom window
Throwing up a BRICK
No one came I threw one more
That really did the _______
2. Your daddy came and banged my head,
He said what kind of MAN
Is this that's hanging 'round my girl,
And threw me in the ____ ...
I won't get no more eggs and water
Now I've laid the farmer's daughter
Imagine I was a full-grown man
And I could talk just RIGHT
Could I come and see you here
And do this every _____ .
4. Wham! The door comes crashing down
Your daddy's face all PALE
Says come with me you hairy bum
I'll put you in my _____  
5. CHORUS Now I'm getting jail and torture
'Cause I made the judge's daughter
Yes I did, it was nice...
It seems they're screaming LAW AND ORDER
When I go with anyone's ___________ 
6. Woman I should like some peace
And daddy hold your TONGUE
I think you're gonna die of fright
When I tell you what I've ______ 
7. I can hear your tales and lies
But man this dumb and scraggy is
Your daughter's baby's _________
Now I've got what I always fought for
'Cause I've married a rich man's daughter ...

Now, listen to the song to check your answers: 

We'd appreciate it if you share how many of the rhyming words you had guessed in a comment. Enjoy!

неделя, 28 февруари 2016 г.

Well, yes, or sort of... I hope...

Epipheo does prove to provide epiphany...

See what Epipheo's YouTube Channel and Nicholas Carr have to say about overusing the media of their very message...

Happy Birthday, Leaplings!

Ever wondered why Leap Day babies have to wait 1460 days for the next birthday cake?

Frustrating as it might seem, leaplings (Leap Day babies) are rather lucky - they are exceptional by birth!
(And exceptionally patient.)

Here is a marvellous video by Epipheo which explains why we have this extra day every four years:

And also... 

For the eager brides-to-be... Now is the time to seize your chance! If he's been procrastinating for far too long, that's the day you could make your dreams come true! 
And he will have no way out! 
Or will get away with twelve pairs of gloves ... 

Read about this amusing tradition here.